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Let’s spend a little bit of time thinking about that amazing vacation you’ve had. You know the one; where you took the extra time off, the whole family could make it, travel was easy, the weather was perfect, you came in under budget, and the house was so perfect you’ve already booked it for next year. This is what people dream of, am I right? Crystal clear waters, sugary sand in the toes, happy kids, happy wife, perma-grin in place.

As a vacation property manager, it’s the image of perfection that you aim for. It’s what every Instagram photo and facebook conversation promises. It’s what you spend all of your efforts on obtaining for each and every one of your properties. Having a customer book the same weeks next year, before they even leave, is like getting an A+ and a gold star! Suddenly all of the hustling is worth it. All of the phone calls and conversations with the lawn guy, the pool guy, the HVAC guy, the bug guy and the cleaning crew are paying off. You know the value of that first and lasting impression of the perfect house for the perfect vacation.

You know the value because you put all the work in to get it. You buy the extra nice sheets and towels. You walk and double walk the house before the guests show up. You set high standards and ditch the people who don’t help you achieve them. You do everything to make sure that your guest’s vacation is absolutely perfect. You probably have nightmares about things being out of place in the house, or a roach running across the floor right when they walk in. Do you brace yourself every time the phone rings, fearful that it’s to complain about the pool temp or the A/C not kicking on?

We hear it all the time – First impressions are the lasting impressions. Every single vacationer is trying to pay for the best vacation of their life. From the moment they step out of the car to the last glance in the rear view mirror, you are their point of contact for all things, good and (unfortunately) bad.   So… if you’re doing all the things, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty (that they don’t tell you about).

I have one example for you. What happens when they pull their rental car up to your beautiful house and before they even pop the trunk to get their bags, they go to throw away their bag of Starbucks snacks away in the garbage can by the garage. Suddenly, they aren’t so excited about the view of the beach at the top of the stairs, they just want to get in to wash their hands! They just had to run away from the stinky garbage bin! They’re sitting there waiting for someone else to come punch in the key code so they don’t get all that nastiness where everyone will be touching it all week. Wait a second, they’ll have to throw away more trash as the week goes on…. Bye bye booking next year’s vacation before they even leave. How do those bins get so gross?

We’ll have another post about how they get so gross in a few months. For now, I’ll just leave you with this thought: What happens to that first impression you’ve worked so hard for when you’ve got dirty, smelly garbage bins hanging in a jumbled mess right next to where your guests park?

Bins Be Clean helps you out with this predicament by taking care of the stink for you. We even line up the bins in a neat and orderly fashion so that your guests don’t have to be distracted by them as they’re breathing in the fresh salty air and checking out the waves as they unload the car. You also don’t have to bother your homeowner with the bill. We will work with your company to ensure the cost of this very affordable service is paid for by the people who use the property – just like the housecleaning. We also allow property management companies to group all of their properties together to get the biggest discounts possible. Call us today to get your homes set up before the next tourism season, 941-778-0020.

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