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From Stinky to Sparkling
From Stinky to Sparkling

How It Works

Garbage Can Washing Service Anna Maria Island, City of Bradenton, West Bradenton, Longboat Key, City of Sarasota and Siesta Key


Garbage and recycling bins are breeding grounds for harmful germs, bacteria and fungus. They also attract unwanted pests like rodents and bugs that lay their eggs and leave behind feces. Gross! When our garbage can washing truck shows up at your curb to clean your bins, all of these risks are eliminated.

What We Do

Garbage Can Washing

Check Debris

We begin by checking the bin for any debris left inside. We bag this debris and leave it in the bottom of your bin after cleaning it.

Trash Can Washing

Deposit Bins

Our truck's grasping arms pick up your bins and deposit them upside down into our hopper, further ensuring water containment.

Trash Bin Cleaning Service

Pressure Wash

Powerful spraying arms reach inside the bins to spray 180°+ high pressure water. The water used is free of chemicals.

Garbage Can Washing Bradenton

Spray with Hose

While the bins are still in the hopper, our cleaning technician sprays the outside of the bins with a separate hose.

Garbage Can Washing Anna Maria Island


The exterior of the bins is wiped clean and the inside is sprayed with a mild, neutral deodorizer after it is checked to be sure it is clean.

Trash Can Washing Bradenton

Bins Returned

Our driver returns your bins to a convenient location, ready for you to put away.

Ready to Get Rid Of the Stink?

With Monthly Cleanings, you will be able to permanently cross off
a pesky household chore that no one wants to do!