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From Stinky to Sparkling
From Stinky to Sparkling

Why Bins Be Clean?

Garbage Can Cleaning Service in Anna Maria Island, City of Bradenton, West Bradenton, Longboat Key, City of Sarasota and Siesta Key

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do I need to clean my bin?

For the best results, Bins Be Clean suggests cleaning your bins monthly. Our garbage can cleaning service can schedule different cleanings upon request and special agreement.

2. How do I know my bin has been cleaned?

You will notice by the freshness of your bin that it has been sprayed with a neutral deodorizer to help keep the stink out.

3. My bin wasn’t cleaned when it was scheduled to, why is this?

Remember, you will always receive a reminder email the day before your scheduled cleaning. Very rarely, when our technician comes the bins have not been collected of their contents yet (we do our best to route our cleaning around their schedules). Or, the bin has been brought back in your garage before our service came to your area. Our garbage can cleaning techs cannot clean a full bin. You will have a note on your door or bin to let you know we were there and were unable to clean your bin.  If collection routes are delayed a full day (due to holidays or special events), our routes will be delayed as well and you will be notified via email of the new, temporary, cleaning day.

4. There is a small bag of trash in my bin even though it has been cleaned, why is this?

Sometimes there is debris left in the bottom of the bin after collection. Our Bins Be Clean techs remove the debris and bag it before cleaning the bin. The collected debris is then deposited back into your clean bin for disposal the following week.

5. Can I alternate bins for each cleaning cycle?

Sorry but no, each bin that is scheduled to clean has been marked with a Bins Be Clean sticker. Only bins that are marked will be cleaned on our routes. Please see Our Services page for multiple bin pricing discounts.

6. How do I know when my bin is scheduled to be cleaned?

We schedule your bins on the same day as your collection services. In addition, an email will be sent one day prior to remind you that the bin needs to stay on the curb until it is cleaned.

7. What if I brought my bins in too early and missed my cleaning?

We hope that our reminder email will eliminate this occurrence. However, should it happen, our Bins Be Clean techs will make a note on their schedule when bins are missing. Our office will contact you to reschedule your cleaning. If this happens frequently, we will have to charge for missed cleanings.

8. Can I have my non-roll-away bins or small recycling containers cleaned by you?

Standard 30-gallon plastic trash cans can be cleaned by our automated system. They are billed exactly like a roll-away bin. Unfortunately, we cannot clean the small recycling containers and contain the water we use in the same way. Please encourage your local recycling programs to shift towards single-stream recycling (Manatee County is scheduled to have this implemented by September 2016) and use the roll-away bins they provide with this service.

9. My bin isn’t perfectly clean after you’ve been here. Why is this?

Very rarely, with extremely dirty bins, it takes a couple of cleanings to be perfectly sparkling. Please be assured that you bin has been cleaned and is completely sanitized and deodorized. It will be noticeably cleaner each time we come to clean it. Also, certain permanent stains like paint or dried tar cannot be removed by our cleaning services.

10. Can you clean my dumpster?


11. Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we carry full auto and business insurance. We are fully licensed by the state of Florida, and the City of Holmes Beach. We are also a local, family owned and operated business.

12. Where do you dump your water?

Our water is classified by the county as grey water and is disposed of according to EPA guidelines.

13. Can I purchase bin cleaning for a neighbor, family member or friend as a gift?

Yes! We love to encourage the gift of clean garbage cans. As long as the recipient is within our cleaning routes, we are happy to help you share the love. Please contact us with the address of the cleaning and we can add their services to your account for billing. If the recipient of your gift decides to sign up for recurring services, you will be eligible for the referral gift of a free month’s cleaning.


Garbage Can Cleaning Service Germs and Bacteria

Worried about the dangers lurking inside your bins? You should be! Garbage and recycling bins are breeding grounds for harmful germs, bacteria and fungus that is eager to spread and infect other places (like your hands, mouth, and intestines) causing sickness and disease. Listeria, E-Coli, Salmonella and Staph have all been found routinely in garbage bins. Other dangers include pests like rodents and bugs who like to lay their eggs (maggots!) and leave their feces behind. Dangers that no one enjoys having to deal with. Regular maintenance with Bins Be Clean minimizes these risks from your household leaving you and your family with peace of mind.



Garbage Can Cleaning Service Anna Maria Island

Tired and disgusted by the stench inside your garbage bins? Once on a Bins Be Clean routine maintenance program, that stink will be gone for good! Taking out the garbage will never be the annoying, gross, smelly task it once was.

Look of Your Bins

Are you worried that your bin is the dirtiest on the block? Can you smell your garbage can as soon as you turn down your street? Having stinky trash is part of life, but that doesn’t mean your bin should be a source of embarrassment. With a routine maintenance program from Bins Be Clean, your bins will shine with cleanliness. You can be proud to roll them to and from the house every week. Make your neighbors jealous with the cleanest bins on the block!


Not sure if the way you’ve cleaned your bin in the past is effective or legal? It’s a good concern to have. When you clean the bins yourself, typically a garden hose, a broom, household chemicals like bleach or high-powered cleaning agents and a lot of elbow grease are used to finish the chore–not to mention you can use around 30 gallons of water! The task is completed in the driveway or yard where the run-off of water is soaked into the yard, driveway and eventually the storm drain that leads to your local water sources or streams, rivers or the ocean (Yikes! THAT could be illegal!). The chemicals used can be harmful to the environment and to neighborhood kids or pets that may frequent the area.

When you clean the bins yourself you can easily use more than 12 gallons per can! The task can take up to and over an hour, depending on how dirty they really are. What a waste of a weekend afternoon! Bins Be Clean is an efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly solution. We use about 1-3 gallons of water per bin, Green Seal Certified chemicals on a limited basis, and collect all waste water for safe disposal. Our process takes less than 3 minutes and we come the very same day the contents of the bin have been collected so there is no need for the bin to be brought to the curb an additional time. With monthly maintenance from Bins Be Clean, you can rest assured that your bins have been cleaned with your health and the environment in mind.

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With Monthly Cleanings, you will be able to permanently cross off
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